This Blog is in the works, but I hope to have it upgraded and fully functional soon! I will be posting tips, tricks, and most importantly, Mistakes, from all of my new DIY projects. I would love and hope to hear tips and tricks from others as well! I’ve just moved to a little place in the hills, far away from the “Big City”, and I want to learn how to be self sufficient – for several reasons.

  • I want to be healthy! I want only to put healthy, non-toxic food and water into my body.
  • I believe things will change, I actually hope they do, and we will need to be able to care for ourselves – just like “the olden days”.
  • It’s what I call Positive Productivity, and I desperately need that! It is hard to stay positive, and be informed, at the same time. I’ve lost myself in the “news” more times than I can count, and found myself living in fear everyday. That is what they want, is it not? I was awakened to that reality, and decided to change it. It’s a balance thing.
  • I am literally starting over. I’ve been through the thing called life for almost 35 years (damn), and I’ve decided I need to live it better – for myself.
  • It is too expensive to live the way I want to live. Organic food is crazy expensive! So I will grow my own, and be so grateful for every little seed that pops it’s head above my soil. I am a total beginner when it comes to gardening! I’ve grown a couple “herbal” plants back in the day, but still, I want to learn SO much more!
  • It’s fun! I love to learn, and create, and all that DIY stuff.

Well, there’s more reasons than that, I’m sure. But for now, I’ve got to go “Do The Stuff”.

Peace and Love – Do The Stuff!

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